Kelsey is a coast-dwelling 30-something with a flair for the dramatic and a propensity toward sarcasm.  Her dry sense of humor produces mixed reactions, depending on the company, but if you’re unsure you can mostly assume she’s kidding around…mostly.  You’ll either appreciate or dislike the fact that she’s both an existentialist and a realist, which occasionally makes for infuriating logic but she’ll be the first to admit that she doesn’t have any answers.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, with a short but meaningful stint in the Arizona desert, she finds that her heart will always be by the ocean but that she’ll never fail to appreciate a Southwestern sunset.  Her happy place is anywhere on the West Coast with good company, her three must-have beverages – water, Diet Coke and wine – and an ocean view in front of her.  She spent six years living the urban girl life in Seattle: riding ferries, scoping out new bands, drinking great wine in little-known bars, exploring neighborhoods by foot and attempting to navigate public transportation and the dating scene. A Northern California transplant, she’s exploring the coastline with a camera, drinking great wines whenever possible and taking it all in, one road trip at a time. She’s traded her high heels for Vans Surf Siders and a handy pair of Havaianas in the back of her car, always, but she’s just as likely to be found in strappy sandals as with her toes in the sand.

On any given day, she’s either singing the praises or cursing the existence of her furry little sidekick, Baylor, and threatens to open the door and let him run away with some regularity, but she’s got more bark than bite so he stays.  She’s a daughter, sister, friend, internet marketing nerd, hotelier at heart and aspiring writer, and spends most of her day trying to fit it all in while still finding enough time to fold endless piles of laundry and searching the web for recipes fit for an inexperienced (but enthusiastic!) cook.

At the end of the day, she’s a woman making life happen with wine in hand and a dream in her heart. And while she’s distracted with all the things she’s multitasking at once, she’s likely to ask herself more often than not:  Where’s the chardonnay?