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Femme Postale & Other Projects

I think every woman whose blog I read with any regularity has a Why I’m Neglecting My Personal Blog post.  I’ve actually already written one of these, but that was years ago and I have a whole new set of excuses – er, reasons – why I “can’t” write regularly now. The dog. My philanthropy. My new job. Attempting to “train” for Bay to Breakers (unsuccessfully, again*). None of these life activities are new, or particularly overwhelming, or particularly groundbreaking. But add them all together – the stress of performing well professionally, living up to my standards physically and maintaining my wits emotionally – and…at the end of the day, sometimes I just don’t have it in me to be creative or funny or even self-deprecating. So, I’m taking a little time in between those wonderful – and collectively time-sucking – things that I do to recharge and (ultimately) blog better.

*Blog post to follow in what will surely be the painful wake of B2B 2011.

Also, though, I’m really excited about one particular additional activity I’m participating in this year, which is this exciting blog project called Femme Postale. A friend of mine with an amazing right brain and an incredible penchant for creative ideas has pooled together a group of smart and sassy women to blog about life in a collectively snarky and often poignant voice that speaks to a broad audience of women. Ultimately, our (his) goal is to create enough ad revenue from the site to be able to donate to women-centered charities – which is a pretty awesome goal to be working toward, especially if I’m going to be spouting off about something anyway (which, let’s face it, I am). So I’m finding that Femme Postale – in its broader reach of audience and slightly (lovingly) competitive group of contributors – is taking a little more time and brain space than originally anticipated. I’m so happy to be part of it, and loving the challenge it presents me with creatively and intellectually, and am throwing myself into it whole-heartedly with each post – so if you can’t find me here for a while, you’ll probably find me ranting (or raving) about something there.

I’ll link my Femme Postale posts here from time to time, but if you really want to keep up, you should like us on Facebook for real-time updates and ultimately, riveting discussion as we’re all avid readers of the news, the blogs and basically anything else the interwebs can throw at us – and we’ve all got something to say about it. We may be full of piss and vinegar, but we’re still girls, so we’ll ask nicely for your support. Pretty please?



I met with a truly amazing, SUCCESSFUL woman last week, whose energy and vision and zest about her company has completely motivated me to be more fresh, unique, passionate, lively, outgoing, forthcoming and risk-taking than I’ve felt inspired to be in a long time.

One professional mantra that struck me: she said, “Be distinct.” Find what it is you do well, and focus on it, and promote it, and own it and never compromise your distinction for the competition.

I dare to make this a personal mantra as well: to find what “it” is about me – what makes me distinctive as a friend, professional, significant other, family member and woman – and be true to it.

I always want to be doing more, but listening to this woman – this real-life, funny, practical, dedicated and successful woman – truly inspired me to greater ambitions for myself.

My success is a rolling wave on the open ocean, slowly headed for shore, about to crest in a crescendo upon glistening sands. I’m almost there. I will be there. At the end of the day, I just needed to be inspired.