Summer, So Far

Summer, so far, has been spectacular.

Of course, by this Seattleite’s standards, basically every day in my little corner of California is summer, so I use the term “summer” loosely to describe any of the incredible, warm-and-breezy, bright blue sky days over the past few months that are Northern California’s signature climate – but then again, I don’t live in one of the many coastal cities where the morning and evening fog cool everything into the 60s and frizz my hair into oblivion*, so I’m especially grateful for the dry weather.

*Semi-sleek hair is one of the few benefits of living away from the water, but there are hair products to correct foggy frizz, which I would – and will, eventually – pay handsomely for in order to live closer to the sea.

Summer so far has included:

  • a semi-impromptu trip to Tahoe
  • a whirlwind/relaxing/rejuventating/just-what-I-needed weekend visit by my Fromma
  • several trips to the beach with a dear friend and LD
  • many long drives down the coast to several secret locals’ spots for dazzling Pacific Ocean views
  • a celebratory trip to Idaho to visit my two dear friends
  • sitting by a warm fire with a glass of red wine
  • moon-seeking on my nightly walks



300 370 381 389 053 094 151






And this is just the beginning. I am grateful


2 responses to “Summer, So Far

  1. Simply marvelous. Loved reading this and seeing the pix. oxox

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