The Answer

For nearly half a year I have been filled
with questions.
Questions I have posed
to the Universe
seeking answers – 
of direction
and of clarity.
And the Universe
(in its infinite wisdom)
has remained
And in that silence has come the answer
not the 
not the
but –
The next step is only
the step taken
by putting one foot
in front
of the other.
The right choice is only
the one 
that is made.
And the answer itself is not provided by
a higher power
but is rather a response
to the questions posed of It.
The answer is simply
I am.
It will be.
I accept.

3 responses to “The Answer

  1. Oh, Little Girl – That is so beautiful and simply said and amazing! Love you!

  2. Beautiful post 🙂 how are you?

    Whitney Farowich Sent from my iPhone

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