A few weekends ago we took a leisurely drive to Pescadero.

There isn’t much to do there except
have mimosas at Duarte’s Tavern with the locals,
pick up a loaf of fresh bread and goat cheese at the Pescadero Country Store, and
revel in the quiet at the cemetery just outside of town.

Nothing much at all – which is perfect when nothing is needed.

I was introduced to the cemetery on one of my first trips to Northern California last year, and I wasn’t sure about it at first – but soon fell in love. It’s a quiet place, but far from solemn. It invites reflection and a simple appreciation of the landscape. From the top of the hill you can see across fields of grazing cattle, into wooded thickets and out across to the ocean. It’s peaceful and refreshing, and we respect the presence of those who rest there by treading softly.

We sat on the coast at the end of the day and watched the tide roll in – wine in hand, enjoying the breeze.

Sometimes, you cannot ask for more.


Duarte’s Tavern.


The old jukebox.


A weathered cross.


A grass-covered headstone colorfully accented by artificial flowers.

One of my favorites.

The southern view from the top of the cemetery.


A lucky catch – my phone snapped a shot from my lap as I was picking grasses.

The perfect end to a relaxing day – a little red wine on the coast.


3 responses to “Pescadero

  1. Jane Stratton

    Wow! – Wish I could have share a moment like that with you right now. Sooo glad your Mommy is coming down this weekend. Cherish every second – she has missed you. oxox

  2. I’m thinking you should pursue a career in photography to go along with your journalism career!!

  3. Just reading this and seeing the photos makes me feel more relaxed and peaceful. Hope we can go there!

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