In A Golden State

I moved to California.

It’s been busy, exciting, challenging, liberating, stressful, scary and wonderful.

I’ve been meaning to post something poignant about my move and the life I’m experiencing here – but, you know, I’ve been living it and somehow just haven’t gotten around to it. It’ll come.

So in the meantime, I’ve been capturing California in photos and making a few observations along the way:

1. The coastline is stunning. Not just the first time, but every. single. time. you see it.
2. The vegetation is amazingly varied – from redwoods to pine trees to aloe plants to dune grasses to flowering heather. It’s the piece of living here that’s made me feel most at home.
3. My first day here, I saw a woman carrying a surfboard to her car at 7AM. Apparently this isn’t uncommon.
4. On the note of surfers, everyone calls everyone “dude”, regardless of gender. I’m rebelling against it.
5. There are snails everywhere when it rains. They get crushed often. I want to pick them off the sidewalk and steer them in the right direction (away from foot traffic) but there are just. so. many.
6. Anyone who doesn’t live in San Francisco – which includes people in outlying cities in about a 75-mile radius – refers to it as “the City”. This makes me feel like a country bumpkin, as I do not live in “the City”.
7. According to the locals, Santa Cruz is full of hippies and should be avoided at all costs unless entertaining out of town relatives. I’m not yet that jaded.
8.  The Hill (Highway 17) can literally make or break relationships depending on one’s willingness to drive it.
9. My Washington wardrobe doesn’t translate. I’m having deja vu, as I already went through this 13 years ago when I came to California the first time.
10. I’m much more suited to Northern California than Southern.

My Life in the Golden State, So Far:


Carmel Park.


Testing my new Vans Surf Siders in the California sand.


Point Lobos.


Steps leading into the cove at Point Lobos.


Point Lobos on a stormy day.


Relax! Need we say more?


Capturing the California coastline.


Spring flowers.


Little Dog contemplates his new surroundings.


Local flowers.


The ubiquitous snails.

At the end of the day, I’m happy to be here. More photos, adventures and observations to follow, dudes.


8 responses to “In A Golden State

  1. Wonderful and surprising to hear! But so happy that you are enjoying NorCal, that is my favorite too : )

    Cheers, Bryan

  2. Love this post, KayBay. You’ve managed to capture lots of great little snippets of your new home. The picture of Baylor is so sweet – it made me cry. Love, Momma Dudette

  3. Hey Beautiful Dude-ess! Your Udder Mudder loves your posts. Damn, damn, when are you going to make some money from your beautiful, poignant, delicious writing. You have a gift…

  4. Fabulous, Kelsey! I’m so happy to hear that things are going well. Keep up the blogging – it ‘s almost as good as talking to you!

    • I love that you are reading!!! See, we’ll be able to keep in touch this way (but how can we send stack ’em ups over the web?).

  5. Julie Anne Nelson

    Howdy from Big Sky Helena, Montana! Beautiful photos … delightful observations … I love hearing about your new life. Do miss not seeing you once in awhile.

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