Where’s The…?


Cheap chardonnay.

If only life’s Great Question really were “where’s the chardonnay”?

I know where it isn’t. It isn’t in my glass.

Right now, my glass is entirely full of…zinfandel.


I know, right? I’ve been professing for quite some time that my purpose in life* is to pursue the ultimate glass – or bottle, or cellar – of big, buttery chardonnays.

*Alcoholically speaking, of course.

But lately…I’m just not feeling it. Actually, I’ve been slowly weaning myself off the chardonnay for quite a while. The thing is, I used to love a bold, almost sweet chardonnay – the kind with a slightly caramel tinge and an almost-chewy taste*. Super chilled, of course, because regardless of what anyone says about serving wine at the appropriate temperature, I will always, always enjoy my whites icy cold.

*As I also love cheap wine, I wouldn’t exactly suggest taking any time to look for this, unless what you’re looking for is a $5 bottle that’s been moved across several states, stored at various temperatures and eventually abandoned as “bad wine”, only to be rediscovered at the end of a particularly trying day and thrown in the ice bucket (the one IN the freezer) and promptly yanked out again to be slurped sipped with gusto**.

**At which point, for the record, it tastes like the nectar of the gods.

So lately (read: for the past almost-year, though I’ve been loathe to admit it), I’ve been branching out. I bought an amazing red at a reasonable price during an impromptu tasting trip to the Woodinville wineries. I bought another that was still a little spendy for me* but irresistible in its spice and summer fruit notes that was intended to be for a “special occasion” and which I promptly consumed as a special treat (and later regretted that I hadn’t saved. Sigh.). I’ve been looking forward to a good red on cool days and a crisp, citrus-y white on warm ones but more importantly, I’ve been taking more time to enjoy and savor each glass (yes, even the glasses full of cheap wine) as opposed to drinking hastily out of end-of-day habit (which so, so many of us do – you deniers are liars).

*Spendy, because I’m still at the phase of wine consumption/lack of appreciation in which $20+ (hell, even $10+) feels like a lot to spend per bottle.

But, I haven’t given up on chardonnay yet – I’m just refining my tastes a little. And while I have no intention of this becoming a wine blog*, I am rethinking life’s Great Question. I mean, who cares whether it’s chardonnay?

At the end of the day, it’s really all about the wine, isn’t it?


2 responses to “Where’s The…?

  1. Love this post, expanding your palette is what enjoying wine is all about! Want to experience and love Chardonnay again, and in a whole new way? Come down to Fat Cork tomorrow and we will pour you some Blanc de Blancs (100% Chard) Champagne!! Cheers!

    • Bryan, I was totally embarrassed to post this since I know you’re following now! 😉 Thanks for not judging me and oh.my.god. the Blanc de Blanc sounds delicious! Cheers to fine wine and bubbly!

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