PAWS & Pooches

I don’t donate to many charities, but I’m pretty loyal to the purpose of the organizations I select. And while I don’t donate much, I do what I can, when I can – or when I allow myself to be guilted into it.

I blame Sarah McLachlan.

Of all the cruelty in the world, somehow the sad pets tug at my heartstrings the most, which is Sarah McLachlan’s fault. It’s those damn ASPCA commercials  where she’s singing in the background and speaking soothingly – yet convincingly – to you about animal cruelty in the foreground with a sad pet in her lap. I see those commercials – with the slow camera pan around lonely, utilitarian shelters and the close-ups of confused, neglected animals and immediately burst into tears, grab the dog (and the phone) and point him, squirming, in the general direction of the TV and tell him if he wasn’t so lucky to have me, this could be him while dialing in with my donation of just 60 cents per day. Of course I don’t think he thinks he’s particularly lucky – most of the time I think that if he thinks at all he’s probably: a) bored out of his mind, b) thinking about rawhide bones and wondering where he buried his last one*, or c) dreaming of chasing squirrels.

*I guarantee you it’s behind one of the couch cushions.

But as if that wasn’t enough, I get sucked into donating locally as well, because I can’t really see the impact of my donation a national organization and anyway I need something fun to do with Baylor* so I commit to the PAWS Walk each year. It’s 3 miles – a lot for a little dog, but an excellent excuse for me to exercise while participating in good cause as well. This year, it was hot, as evidenced by Baylor’s tongue below. A good time was had by all – but especially by me, because I’ve managed to alleviate my guilt about sad pets for another year.

At least, until the next commercial.


Baylor, urban dog extraordinaire, waits expectantly for the bus.


Official PAWS participant 2011! He thinks he looks stupid. I agree.


Hot dog contemplates canine life on the shores of Lake Washington.


Happy pooch, gorgeous day.


4 responses to “PAWS & Pooches

  1. I love that first photo of Baylor! For all the grumbling we do about our pets, they enrich our lives in so many ways. I’m glad you (and I !)have Baylor.

    P.S. It says in your disclaimer that your blog content doesn’t reflect the opinion of the dog. Are you sure this post doesn’t?? 🙂


  2. in the arms of an angel…damn you mclaughlin. everytime i hear that song i hurry up and change the channel. #guilt

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