Under Construction

I feel like my blog should have a great big flashing sign on its home page:


Finding the right style – both aesthetic and literary – has been a bit of a challenge for me. What do I want to say? Is my blog content interesting? Humorous? Relevant and relatable to other people’s lives and experiences? These are the questions I’m working on answering.

Trouble is, I’m finding that a good amount of my creative genius comes to me in the middle of the day (i.e., while my mind is wandering at work) and I’m having a hard time getting the really good content down fast enough. For example, yesterday I was standing at the copy machine with several documents in hand that needed to either be faxed, scanned or copied and sent to one of my 75 wedding clients (yes, I actually have 75 groups this year – not bad for a little hotel) and as my mind was circling aimlessly (when I should have been thinking about the other many and varied tasks on my plate) I began thinking about my failed Almond Roca bars from the night before, which got me to thinking that many of my cooking/baking experiments turn out poorly, which lead to – flash of genius! – a blog inspiration (soon to follow). Then, of course, it was difficult to focus the rest of the day, as my twitchy little fingers were just itching to blog away the afternoon in creative bliss. Alas, I finished the day with commendable work ethic (I don’t think I can say the same for today) and went home, where I promptly lost all the great ideas I’d spent the afternoon concocting about my newest blog entry.


In any case, I’m feeling a little intimidated about my blogs now that I’m following some of my friends and being followed in return! This is exactly what I wanted, of course, but now that I know people are actually reading my stuff…well, I’m on a mission to produce my best work.

So bear with me as I test the literary waters with a timid toe. I know I ought to just dive right in, but if you know me at all…you know that’s just not me.


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