I Heart Yoga

Urban Yoga Spa, on the corner of 4th Ave & Stewart St. Note the faint blue sign in the back left of the photo…Hotel Andra, just 1 block away!

As with so many other activities, epiphanies and experiences in my life, I am a late comer to the yoga scene. I’m mostly okay with this, because while I don’t believe in “fate” per se, I do believe that opportunities present themselves when the recipient is most open to receiving them, welcoming them and embracing them. In this case, yoga happens to have come into my life at a time when I am finally ready to take it on as the mind/body experience it is meant to be.

So last night I attempted hot Hatha yoga for the first time ever…an ambitious first step, as it was 90 minutes of varying poses (which proved challenging for a notoriously inflexible individual such as myself) in a studio set at a sweltering 107 degrees. (I do have to mention here that while I was pretty much DYING of the heat, I did have the thought in the middle of my warrior pose that I was grateful to be living in Seattle, where the weather would be a cool 60-something upon emerging from the studio, where as if I was still living in Arizona, the weather outside would probably be exactly the same as in the studio). The classes are held in this fantastic, very metropolitan loft-style building at the new Urban Yoga Spa in the heart of downtown – it’s all so clean and white. It feels very New York to me (not that I would know) and lends an air of sophistication to the city’s traditionally dark-paneled and woodsy Northwest decor. It’s the kind of place I’d normally be a little intimidated by except the fact that the staff is so welcoming and committed to the practice – they seem to just want you to be there.

The uber urban lobby of the studio/spa.

Overall, it was an excellent experience – so excellent, as a matter of fact, that today I am signing up for their 30-day challenge, which is 30 days of yoga every day (and naturally, a chance to win a prize – year-long yoga, anyone?). It may seem a little hard core for a first-timer – and it is – but for me, I think diving in downward dog first may be just the way to go. During the course of the class, I felt more connected to my limbs than I think I’ve ever felt, and it was a nice awakening to truly appreciate the capabilities of my body rather than punishing it for not being Gisele Bundchen. So I’m ending the day and starting my yojourney with a restorative class…and looking forward to a month of flexing, reflecting, stretching, sweating and connecting with this body that has carried me so faithfully for 28 years.



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