I love the word “recessionista”. What is a recessionista, you ask? In my book, it reads something like this:

Recessionista (re-ces-sion-I-sta) – n.: one whose sense of style and consistent desire for chic appearance is undeterred by a failing national economy, limited funds and/or an inability to maintain pace with the latest fashionable trends; a resourceful wardrobe artist.

That would be me.

To be frank, few would call me chic. And those sage, stylish experts in the fashion industry would probably be appalled at my daily wardrobe. It seems I’m always a couple years behind the latest trends (or in many cases, miss the trends entirely). But while I may not be a poster child for the latest side-swept ‘do or cleverly arranged neon plastic bangles, I seem to have found a niche of my own personal style in this economy: simple, clean lines, just enough jewelry for interest and a little bit of sass as an accessory. Being a recessionista means it’s okay to pull out that sweater from a couple years ago (perhaps a delightful surprise when you discovered you still had it in the first place?) or wear the same jewelry for a whole season. It means you don’t scoff at Target shopping or discount stores (especially good ones – hello, Horchow Finale) and you throw your closet doors wide open each day and find a new way to make your forgotten pieces work. And it means you’re comfortable enough with your own unique style that you’re not always trying to keep up with what’s hot right now, because you know that at the end of the day your beauty is IN you AND on you (even if it’s a season late).

I think I’ve been a recessionista my whole life and didn’t know it until now. I buy pieces that I LOVE and then love them up in as many ways as possible until they just can’t take it anymore. And you know what? I get more compliments on my favorite pieces than anyone I know. I don’t want everything I own to be cheap, and I don’t need everything I own to be designer or expensive – I just want it to make me feel good. You’ll see me walking down the street and you’ll know me – not because I’m so trendy, but because when you feel this good? Damn, it shows.


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