“Succincticity” isn’t (obviously) an actual word; however, if it were, I think the definition would go something like this:

su-ccinc-ti-city: brevity of description and phrasing for optimum clarity of communication

Which, in itself, would be an oxymoron of descriptions, as clearly the description above is neither brief nor particularly clear. Which amuses me, as I created it. Sometimes I enjoy being deliberately obtuse. (Also, note that you couldn’t even make this word in Scrabble – there aren’t enough C’s.)

Here’s the thought of the day: sharper, clearer, more directed communication. This stems from several conversations I’ve had lately in which I’ve felt rather good about the dialogue at the time, and have second-guessed the hell out of my intended (or perceived) meaning after the fact.

So. I will attempt to shorten the content of this blog moving forward, for several reasons – but mostly because if I have something to say, I may as well get to the point.

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