Chilly Fingers, Toasty Toes

My heater is broken.

I just had it fixed. Okay, several weeks ago now. Somehow I’ve managed to lose track of time and it feels like it was just yesterday. But that’s probably because just yesterday I told myself I would take care of it (just like the day before, and the day before that, and…).

So tonight I come home from a brisk walk on a chilly evening with the dog. and race to rip off my now-sweaty layers with red, claw-like fingers and immediately open the window, breathing deeply the fresh, crisp air I had run upstairs to escape just moments before.

I putter around my little apartment, on the phone and completing various domestic tasks – in other words, absorbed enough that I don’t notice the cold fingers of night air creeping into the relative warmth of my humble abode.

I sit down to type an email – and find that my fingers have already cramped with December chill that now pervades the apartment. I turn to my wall heater (which provides enough heat for hamster-sized individual, by the way) only to discover – alas! – my procrastination has bitch-slapped me once again.

Reluctantly I drag myself to the bureau for warmer layers, where a mental debate ensues over several outfit options: warm and cozy or fun and sassy? As I run through the pros and cons of each in my mind, I realize I’ve been standing there for 10 minutes deciding what to wear for the dog, as it is highly unlikely that anyone of importance will be knocking on my door in the few remaining hours before bed that I even need to make this decision. Ideally, in the event that my fire alarm goes off and a barrage of fire fighters comes to break down the door, I’d like to be dressed in outfit #2, if for no other reason than to avoid the complete mortification of being seen by strangers in my favorite worn and torn pajama pants and T-shirt. So I laugh (somewhat derisively) at myself and select a comfortable (but presentable) outfit – just in case.

And then I realize I’m still freezing and curl up on my favorite chair with the dog for warmth, and make a mental note to call to have the heater fixed – tomorrow.


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