I met with a truly amazing, SUCCESSFUL woman last week, whose energy and vision and zest about her company has completely motivated me to be more fresh, unique, passionate, lively, outgoing, forthcoming and risk-taking than I’ve felt inspired to be in a long time.

One professional mantra that struck me: she said, “Be distinct.” Find what it is you do well, and focus on it, and promote it, and own it and never compromise your distinction for the competition.

I dare to make this a personal mantra as well: to find what “it” is about me – what makes me distinctive as a friend, professional, significant other, family member and woman – and be true to it.

I always want to be doing more, but listening to this woman – this real-life, funny, practical, dedicated and successful woman – truly inspired me to greater ambitions for myself.

My success is a rolling wave on the open ocean, slowly headed for shore, about to crest in a crescendo upon glistening sands. I’m almost there. I will be there. At the end of the day, I just needed to be inspired.


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